Blog of the week features other friendly bloggers who obsess about tea

“I try to find different places to drink tea wherever I go

and have a theory that if you’re in a new place and need to find tea quickly

you should head to the local public library

as tea places seem to congregate around them.”

We have once again been scouring the interweb, reaching out to fellow tea lovers. This month’s featured blog is TEA FOR YOU AND ME, which has – like ourselves – been scouring the country with only one noble pursuit. From the Ritz to Morrison’s café is there NOWHERE this intrepid adventurer will not dip leaf in water in search of the perfect brew?

All over the country, from deepest, darkest Wales to Cornwall and the South Coast to the bleakest extremities of the A1(M), our mysterious author(ess) has an impressive catalogue of over 165 cafes, pubs, restaurants, tearooms, leisure centres and even supermarkets. There are even a few smattered reviews as far afield as Belgium and Sweden.

Not only is he or she surely a tea aficionado of the highest order but the reviews are informative and accurate and strike to the heart of some of the most portentous issues in the world of tea (including how on earth you’re meant to lose weight when eating cream teas for breakfast, lunch and… erm… tea). We love the pictures and the handy summary table at the bottom of each page.

We were amused to note that friends of the blog include two adorable looking border terriers and we have now joined their ranks in support of this most worthy venture. Cheers!

#1 Prepare for sleeping: Get into your car (a friend’s car will do) and turn the heating up to max. Now bend your knees up to your chin so that they’re wedged firmly against the horn. Try and sleep.

#2 Prepare for public transport: Choose a bus which is 80-90% occupied and position yourself near the back. Arrange for about 60 friends (or preferably strangers) to rush on and join you at the last minute.

Cramped journey on indian public transport

Rush hour was actually way worse, but I couldn't move my arms enough to get my camera out...

#3 Prepare for Skype: Choose a friend or loved one you want to talk to. Position yourselves at either end of a long corridor, just out of earshot. As you start walking towards each other, begin your conversation, aiming to get to the interesting bit just after you have passed each other. Continue walking until you are in a mirror image of how you started. If you’ve done it right you should have caught between 40-60% of what they said. Repeat until you are too frustrated to continue.

#4 Prepare for the stomach upset: Aim to spend about 1-2 hours sat on the toiled every day for 2 weeks.  Divide this time up into 5-10 minute episodes. To get the full effect these episodes should be randomly dispersed throughout your day, preferable when you have important things to attend to, or when the nearest toilet is a 5 minute limp away.

#5 Prepare for the party (this mostly applies to the stricter, Southern States): Go out with your friends every night for a week. When ever anyone offers you booze, meat or a fag politely decline on religious grounds.