Our first tea in Sri Lanka...

We’ve arrived in Sri Lanka, and here we are on the South Coast enjoying our first tea of the trip. They make iced tea the old fashioned way with freshly brewed tea, fresh lime, ice and LOADS of sugar. The result? About the most refreshing drink you can get until the sun crosses the yard arm,

Amongst our most pleasant discoveries since arriving is that yard-arm-sun-crossing seems to happen much earlier here…

Next week, we head North to the foothills, for our tour of the tea plantations.

Phew what a scorcher!

July 1, 2009

This is no weather to be messing about moving house but we’re in the thick of it! That’s right THQ is moving and we’re rushed off our feet hauling heavy – mostly clinky – boxes up and down stairs. We haven’t been too busy, though, to come up with a our own recipe for delicious homemade iced tea. It’s the perfect remedy to a hot day and Amos has taken all the shelves out of the new fridge so we always have a big cold jug to hand…

We enjoy a jug of iced tea in the new garden!

We enjoy a jug of iced tea in the new garden!

RECIPE (makes anough for 2 thirsty beavers for the day):

You will need:

6 teabags

1 lemon

a handful of fresh mint

4 desert spoons of sugar (to taste)

Just under a kilo of ice


Make up a brew of strong tea in your favorite pot and alow it to cool. Meanwhile, juice the lemon and grind up the mint. Put at much ice as you’ve got in your biggest jug and add the sugar, lemon, mint and cold tea. Stir thoroughly and pop in the fridge to keep cool until you’re ready.

Why don’t you play about with the recipe, adding cranberry juice, blended peach slices, elderflower cordial or a naughty splash of your favorite gin?