We are both sick of the sight and smell of the thing but since there is only a day to go we decide to stick at it. I take it down from the top of the boiler and reinstate it on the toaster in preparation for day 9.

I go out to the Post Office and spend about £20 on stamps and padded envelopes. We decide to send our Hermans out to old friends who we haven’t seen in a while. Lily is against the idea from the start but I convince her it will be a nice way of keeping in touch.

Here we are then, Herman is bubbling away in a mixing bowl on top of the toaster, covered in an old tea towel. Still not quit sure what to make of it all.  No-one we speak to appears to have heard of Herman and I ring our friend (who is infact German herself) to make sure this isn’t a joke. She assures me it is not, and I believe her; humour is not her strong point.