Perhaps you can help us out on a domestic argument, which arose during tea out at a pub near Henley…

We were mid-meal when the owner’s black Labrador – a kempt and attractive young bitch of about 1 – approached me with such a winsome expression of good will, that I stopped to ruffle her hair, and to compliment her on being such a good doggy.

Lily promptly chastised me for my poor hygiene and refused to eat anything I then touched. I do acknowledge that then proceeding to touch everything edible item on the table was childish… but who sides with Lily? Should I have got up to wash my hands, or does Lily need to relax her standards?

Do you let animals share your food? Do you carry sterilizer around in your handbag for such an event, or do you subscribe to the theory that germs are probably good for you?

A basset hound licks a baby's face. Cute? Or hygiene nightmare?

Do you always wash your hands after contact with animals?