Yauatcha, London

May 18, 2011


15 Broadwick Street,



0870 780 8265


Mon-Sun 12 noon-11.45pm (Sun -10.30pm)

Works of Art: Beautiful latticed, bejewled, gold leaf cakes for you perusal

Every so often even the most seasoned tea-goer finds themselves out of their comfort zone. For us this has seldom been more pronounced than the day we were graciously proffered a table in the (allegedly) 4.2 million pound basement space-station that is Yauatcha on Broadwick Street W1. We walked right past the business-like glass-fronted facade several times; unless you know where you’re going, or what you’re in for when you get there Yauatcha can take you by surprise. Skipping distance from Regent Street and lightyears away from preconception alley, we found ourselves enjoying it vociferously.

The decor is undeniably bold. Fish tanks are set into the walls, through which rippling armies of white-hatted chefs can be seen preparing dumplings for the acclaimed dim sum restaurant downstairs. Blocks of pale yellow light, illuminating soaring pillars and squat little tables, lend it the slightly kitsch appearance of somewhere that has tried very hard to make an impression. Which isn’t far from the truth, by the way; apparently it took three very expensive attempts to ‘perfect’. The china was extravagantly imported from Taipei and even the elaborate kung-foo get-up in which the waiters and waitresses swagger around has been overtly commissioned.

The tea, of course, is excellent. We plumped for Silver needles – presented with textbook correctness –followed, out of a sense of unprecedented propriety, with an entirely undissapointing tea smoothie. The miniature works of art that are the cakes (no scones alas!) were the clincher. Incorporating lattices, flower petals and gold leaf, they represent mouth-watering taste, if not (sadly) jaw dropping value.

Somewhere this loud will never remain a secret but we are always delighted to recommend it as a somewhat unusual (dare we say exotic?) gem in our Capital’s fine afternoon crown.

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Let’s see shall we?

As usual we’ve left packing pretty last minute. Now was NOT a good time to find out that my rucksack (last used for Duke of Edinburgh, aged 14) has been destroyed by moths and I have LITERALLY only odd socks.

We are setting off on our tea pilgrimage to Sri Lanka, India and China and our flight leaves for Sri Lanka in a few hours.

Bon Voyage Noveltea!

Noveltea are jetted away to Sri Lanka, India and China on a tea pilgrimage

"...Now is not a good time to realize that my rucksack (last used for Duke of Edinburgh, aged 14) has been destroyed by moths and I have LITERALLY only odd socks..."

Noveltea travels far and wide in search of the finest tea on the planet

Join our 3 month adventure through the plantations of India, Sri Lanka and China


We have some fantastic news we’d like to share with you! Inspired by tea over many years we are just about to set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Next week we will fly to Colombo for a tour of the tea plantations of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), India and China. We will then return home by train, over 7000 miles via one of the so-called “Silk Routes” through Kazakhstan and Russia, which is the way tea was originally brought to these shores.

We’ll be sorry to leave, as spring bursts through the doors and windows of Tea HQ, but we can’t wait to share with you tales and photos from our trip…